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Svalöf Consulting
Consultant to crop research and seed industries

Project Description

Svalöf Consulting

Svalöf Consulting provide the know-how and services needed for the development of crop research and seed industries around the world. Our core technical competence covers the whole chain from plant biotechnology and breeding to seed production and marketing. All projects include a strong element of management and human resource development.


“Svalöf” has a long and successful history in plant breeding ever since the rediscovery of Mendel´s laws in the year 1900. Swedish Plant Breeders like Hjalmar Nilsson and Herman Nilsson-Ehle are well known for their successful breeding work in the Swedish Seed Association based in Svalöv, a small town in southern Sweden.

Capability Statement

Through its special position as part of the main Swedish seed company, Svalöf Consulting Department had access to a wide range of expertise both within the company and in the official organisations concerned with seeds in Sweden.

When Svalöf Consulting took over this part of the business in 2006, it was able to inherit this substantial network of professional contacts and to continue to use them. As a result, Svalöf Consulting can provide a unique ‘single door access’ to the diverse technical and managerial skills required for plant breeding and seed industry development. Our team of consultants and associates, based in Sweden and elsewhere can address each of the components of the seed chain and can interpret these to meet the needs of seed industries worldwide.

On April 1st 2009, Svalof Consulting relocated to the campus of the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU), at Alnarp. This strengthens our well-established and successful cooperation with the University for the provision of specialised international training programmes and the implementation of agricultural development projects. It enables both parties to create strong networks, facilitate contacts and use international experts in the most efficient way for short-term assignments and long-term projects.

International experience

In the year 2000, Svalöf was awarded a contract by the EU to implement a Seed Industry Development Project in Kyrgyzstan. The success achieved during the first three years encouraged Sida to take over the financial responsibility for this project when EU funding ended and Svalöf Consulting continues to provide technical assistance to develop the Kyrgyz seed industry. In parallel, a similar project was initiated in neighbouring Tajikistan in 2004, again with the aim of building an integrated seed system, using the Kyrgyzstan experience as model.

Over a period of almost 40 years, Svalöf’s long professional experience at home and abroad has contributed to the building of sustainable seed industries in emerging economies, based on commercial opportunities and strong private sector participation.


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