Destination Management

Destination management

Our destination management services provide unique, memorable tours and experiences to incoming delegations and visitor groups to Sweden. We work closely with leading companies, facilities and institutions throughout Sweden to properly showcase their unique destinations, competencies and experiences — and cooperate with official tourist agencies as well as select event, accommodations and tourist companies to provide tailor-made packages to visitor groups.

Destination management services for corporate, facility and institution partners

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Incoming delegations and visitor services

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We tailor all agenda details from start to finish — whether for business meetings, study visits, events or leisure tours. Our local expertise, knowledge and an extensive network of leading companies, facilities, institutions and organizations in Sweden guarantee travelers the highest quality service and attention to detail. Our tours are detailed to suit your group’s size, specific requirements (i.e.: language, dietary, medical conditions, etc.), interests, budget, time frames and more.

Our range of full support services

Pre-arrival tour services

  • Tour & destination selection
  • Agenda and idea planning
  • Event, conference, hotel, activity selection
  • Finalized tour time and activity plan

Upon arrival tour services

  • Arrival: arrival support and transfer services from the airport, train station, etc.
  • General ground transportation (trains, buses, cars, coaches, etc.)
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Meet and greet at destination, event or tour
  • Tour guide at destination, event or tour
  • Tour member excursions, interactions and activities at destination, event or tour
  • Restaurants
  • Social events
  • Departure: return support and transfer services to the airport, train station, etc.
Photo by: Lena Särnfors
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