6 Business Sectors

Six business sectors

Here is an overview of some leading industries in Sweden today.

Photo by: Maskot/Folio/imagebank.sweden.se
Photo by: Maskot/Folio/imagebank.sweden.se
Sweden is one of the most connected countries in the world — with amongst the highest rates of computer, internet and mobile penetration globally. As a result, the country is frequently used as a test market for new services and technology. This has helped innovations in ICT, such as Skype.

Information and communication technologies (ICT)

Personal computers and cell phones are a fixture in virtually every Swedish home. Our flair for innovation and thirst for knowledge have made us a world leader in IT and telecom. Exporters enjoy excellent business opportunities in these sectors.

Sweden´s success can be seen in the global league tables, where we consistently achieve high scores for R&D and implementation. As a result, Swedish IT and telecom companies have a top-class international reputation and together form one of the country’s largest export sectors.

DestinationLund help Swedish IT and telecom companies to identify new international business opportunities. We facilitate contacts with key people and assist firms in structuring their approach to a global marketplace. Through targeted campaigns and initiatives we matchmake the Swedish IT and telecom sector with international visitors and investors.

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Environment & Energy

Energy and environmental technology are critical for sustainable development and also provide a source of exciting international business opportunities. DestinationLund is actively involved in a range of projects aimed at helping more companies to expand in this area via cooperation to new or existing markets.

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Photo by: Lars Lundberg/imagebank.sweden.se
Photo by: Lars Lundberg/imagebank.sweden.se
Almost none of the electricity in Sweden comes from fossil fuels. A growing portion comes from wind farms. Of the electricity produced in Sweden, nuclear and hydropower account for almost 90 percent and renewable bio-energy for ten. Wind power is expected to provide for about a fifth of Sweden’s energy consumption by 2020. 

Photo by: Per Pixel Petersson/imagebank.sweden.se
About 7 per cent of Sweden’s area is used for agriculture.
The Swedish agricultural sector employs 1.5 per cent of the Swedish workforce. There are 72,000 farms and other agricultural business, which is half the number of 1970. Agriculture in Sweden is of varying importance in different parts of Sweden due to different climate zones. The southern tip of Sweden is the most agriculturally productive. Sweden has quite short growing seasons in most parts of the country. Wheat, rapeseed and other oil plants, and sugar beet are common in southern Sweden, while barley and oat is more important further north.
Photo by: Per Pixel Petersson/imagebank.sweden.se

Agriculture & food

Foreign interest in Swedish food is growing steadily, in no small measure thanks to the successes of Swedish chefs in prestigious international competitions. Agriculture in Sweden is also admired by foreign institutions due to sustainable ways of farming, strict regulations for handling animals and innovative methods of seed development. DestinationLund is situated right at the heart of the Swedish agriculture and food center.

We will be happy to connect you to our vast contact in the Swedish agriculture and food sectors. Interested?


Sweden offers some of the best health care and elderly care in the world. Swedish life science companies are global leaders in their field. Interest in export and internationalization opportunities in this sector has never been higher, creating exciting potential for Swedish companies. Exports range from business startups in foreign markets to sales of services, skills, solutions, systems and personnel to foreign health care providers. Effective packaging and marketing of products and services under the Swedish health care banner is a key ingredient for success in this field.

DestinationLund collaborates with different health care clusters in Sweden and will be happy to assist you.

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Swedish doctors treating cardiovascular treatment is one area that demonstrates the high competencies in healthcare found in Sweden
Sweden has a long tradition of delivering high quality, economically viable healthcare for all its citizens. For many years Sweden’s health care system has regularly ranked at or near the top of most comparative analyses of various international health care systems. For instance, a 2013 report from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) states, “The Swedish health care system is often considered a model for other countries to emulate, both because of its excellent outcomes compared to OECD countries and several well-developed strategies to assure and improve the quality of its health care.”
Photo by: Melker Dahlstrand/imagebank.sweden.se

Photo by: Jan-Olof Yxell/imagebank.sweden.se
Photo by: Jan-Olof Yxell/imagebank.sweden.se
Sweden allocates almost 4 percent (about USD 1,100 per capita) of GDP to research and development, which has led to the country taking a leading position in several areas. This helps place Sweden as one of the world’s most innovative and research-intensive nations.

Science & Technology

Industrial manufacturing of products and components is the cornerstone of Sweden’s export sector and a vital cog in the national economy. A strong innovative capacity and high productivity are two reasons why Sweden continue to perform well in this arena.

Science and technology is the cornerstone of Sweden. DestinationLund have an excellent network to leading institutions and universities that are in the forefront of breath-taking development and innovations.

We can guide and connect you with some of Sweden’s movers and shakers active in science and technology.

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Urban landscaping & city planning

Urbanisation is vital fact that affects us all. More people in dense areas are challenging our systems for waste, food, transport and environment.

DestinationLund partners with Movium (movium.slu.se) and SLU (slu.se) in order to explain, progress and develop sustainable ways of city planning. We will take you to state of the art projects in modern city planning and show you vital examples.

Do you want to gain direct contact with the right people in urban landscaping and city planning here in Sweden?

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